With a fresh decade comes renewed energy. The wisdom of age and the comfort of knowledge juxtaposed by the longing to be younger and desire to once again be care free as we were in our previous era.
However, this particular new decade stole these ordinary conflicts from us and instead burdened us with far greater fears than that of our own inner demons. This new decade restrained us physically and forced us as a society to stand still and do nothing for the first time in 100 years.
I find myself morbid with grief for the life that was supposed to be mine this year.
Taking comfort once more in written fantasy, in particular Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh, plagued by the moaning tales of my kind from the 1920s, these tales resonated with the deep numbness and ultimate uselessness I feel being branded frivolous and non-essential by the binary, despite the ever increasing pressure to make myself increasingly digital and free of charge to keep those who have been deemed essential entertained. I refuse and instead ask: what does it mean to be essential, and which of us is truly providing this necessity?
Whilst romanticising past, I also look to the future musically by questioning "if the Bright Young Things were alive today, what would they be listening to"?
VAMP explores 1920-40's jazz through a contemporary aural lens of modern ASMR soundscape and electro-pop music production.

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